Corporate Entertainer
Sean-Paul the Magic Man

Connecting with the Audience!

Bringing them together...

Showing them a great time they will not forget...

Strategically Planned, Interactive Comedy, Quick Wit, Spontaneity, and over 25 years of performing experience!

Whether he is performing for a corporate event or one of his Branson Missouri shows, Sean-Paul will capture and engage the audience. 

Whomever he asks to join him on stage, from the company president of a fortune 500 company to an unpredictable 8 year old child, the result is always the same – Respectably Hilarious!

Through careful scripting and setup, unbeknownst to the audience, Sean Paul guides the volunteer to ultimately steal the show!   

Whether it’s a signature routine he’s performed for years or just a casual conversation with the audience, Sean-Paul is a pro when it comes to engaging the crowd as a whole.