Corporate entertainer Sean-Paul
Mind reader for corporate events

The Telepathic Mindreader

"She knows what you're thinking..."

Mind reading

Unlike Sean-Paul, Juliane has not been a magician her whole life – but she’s always been a performer.  A dancer her whole life, she spent several years dancing for the Minnesota Timberwolves Performance Team

While this career was very much in the public eye, she had a second – and more clandestine – career that often required her to “perform” under a hidden identity and a hidden agenda.  Sleuth and Trickery!  She was a private investigator!  No joke.  So don’t be fooled by her occasional and blissful scatty demeanor on stage.  She knows what’s up! 

During the show she can appear and disappear.  She can read thoughts with amazing accuracy and she’s an incredible Quick Change artist, changing outfits in as little as half a second. 

When Juliane comes along, Sean-Paul still runs the show but Juliane can give him a serious run for his money.

The Telepathic Juliane and Corporate Magician Sean-Paul
can make your next event both successful and unforgettable!
A great choice for Company Parties, Christmas Parties, Holiday parties, and Corporate events!