Corporate entertainer Sean-Paul
pet trained monkey

Meet Frankie -
The Mind Reading Monkey

You have NEVER seen a
trained monkey like this!

pet monkey

In any language, MONKEY is synonymous with FUNNY!  

Do you ever feel like you work with monkeys?  If the answer is yes – this is the perfect choice for your next event!

Once your group gets over the fact that there is a
REAL MONKEY in front of them they soon are roaring with laughter when Frankie the Monkey slams a buzzer every time Sean-Paul tells a lie – or when he steals a flask from Sean’s jacket, then drinks it and falls over.  

New material is frequently added to the show, showcasing new things Frankie does off stage in real life. 
If you want something different that everyone can enjoy,

Frankie the Monkey is Sean-Paul’s son – at least Sean-Paul calls him that for the tax deduction!  He travels with Sean-Paul everywhere they go – from the Caribbean to Alaska!  And audiences always leave the show wanting more Frankie!  It’s for that reason – and because Frankie is hilarious on stage and off – that Sean-Paul and Juliane created the DVD “Life with a Monkey.” 

While performing their show in Branson, Missouri, they sold over 5000 of these DVDs.  The people who bought the DVD and returned to see the show a second time often had the same thing to say – “We love the Monkey video and the kids watch it over and over for hours!”

Coming soon "Life with a Monkey 2"
and "The Pet Monkey Webcast"

Corporate Magician Sean-Paul
Corporate Magician Sean-Paul and Frankie the Monkey
can make your next event both successful and unforgettable!
A great choice for Company Parties, Christmas Parties, Holiday parties, and Corporate events!